About Me

I am a goofy, friendly, feminist photographer here for all my couples, including my LGBTQIA brothers and sisters. What does that mean? I won't make you conform to any gender roles or bring any preconceived notions about who you are based on your age, race, body type, gender or sexual orientation. I will also do my best to not make you feel like a cheeseball. I want to make great photos of you, your friends, and family. My goal is to celebrate you in a way that feels amazing and honors who you are. Let's create new traditions! Let’s party! The photos will be great. Because I care.

My style is "in this" with you. I'm an observant storyteller and I want it to look like you stepped out of your own body to make these pictures. -- Like a good dream! I shoot every job as if it were my own wedding (you know, if that were possible. lol. -- we are celebrating you as humans and as a couple!). I will deliver photos that make you remember the very best parts of your day and hold that magic indefinitely. I will capture things as they unfold naturally so that you can, above all, truly be in the moment with friends and family. I work with each couple to design an easy plan to achieve that goal. I will be minimally-invasive, supremely focused, and trying not to cry during your vows or dance when the music hits.

Likes: The National Park Service, The Stooges, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, margaritas, DOGS, surfing, cameras, Having the same birthday as Nicki Minaj, yoga, NASA, APGM (Awesome Ppl Getting Married), rollercoasters, Thai food, Vietnamese food, Mexican food, Indian food (ok, most food). Ira Glass, true crime podcasts, long car rides, going to the movies, Uma Thurman (specifically when she has a sword or motorcycle), plants, independent music venues (dives), looking at art, hanging out at bookstores, and thrifting / vintage shopping.